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Documentation for check_tracks

GUI version 0.30 onwards

This version need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your PC. If you don't have one yet, download "J2SE v 1.4.2_06 JRE" (link labeled "Download J2SE JRE") from the following page:

To use the tool, simply click on the downloaded file "check_tracks-<version>.jar" and a window will open where you can select a directory to check via the "Choose Dir" Button. To perform the checks, press the "Check" button. If a file doesn't match the standard criteria, its name with all deviating settings get printed to the large text area in the center of the screen. Hit "Exit" once you're done.

Known bugs/limitations: iTunes uses an ID3 version that's not supported by the ID3-libraries I use. So the program will complain that no tags are available although they are there. Just ignore the output then (yes, that makes the tool unusable for tracks encoded with iTunes...).

Command Line Interface version up to 0.03

First of all, this is a text-only tool without graphical user interface! You need to open a Dos Box/Command Prompt/whatever in order to be able to use it.

Change to the directory where your MP3s are located and start the tool - either the perl script (windows with perl installed and unix) or the exe file (windows only).
If there are subdirectories, they will be processed as well.
The program will report any single deviation from the desired defaults. If it produces no output (except the help message) that means your files are ok!

When you start it with the '-h' option, you'll get the following help text:

This is a small utility to check MP3 files for correct settings.
It starts in the current directory and recursively searches for
files ending in '.mp3'

"Correct" here means:
  - exactly 128kbps non-variable bit rate
  - 44.1 kHz sampling rate
  - minimum length of 90s (since 0.03)
  - ID3 tags artist, album, track name and year present
If files are ok there is no output, otherwise each non-correct
setting is printed.
The tool will fill missing ID3v1 tags when they are available
as ID3v2.

Start with '-v' and the program will print each file it checks.
Start with '-q' and the program will not print this help text.
Start with '-V' and the program prints its version and exits

The windows executable will show some perl2exe notice at the end and wait for 2 seconds.

There are READMEs and INSTALL files with instructions included in the package.

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