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Started as a Perl script to check the properties of MP3 files, a Windows executable (via perl2exe) was provided later. Version 0.10 introduced a very simple GUI using Perl/Tk, but was broken on Windows.
Version 0.30 is a complete rewrite in Java and runs on any platform with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. Version 0.31 fixed a bug in testing for empty tags. Buttons now have an accelerator key assigned.
In 0.33 the GUI became non-blocking during the check and you can stop a running scan.
Version 0.34 uses a newer version of the MP3 info classes.
Version 0.41 switched to a different library to read MP3 infos that supports ID3v24. ID3v2 is now mandatory, ID3v1 is no longer checked.

Current version 0.41:

Older versions:

The perl script requires to have the modules File::Find, File::Spec::Win32, Getopt::Std, MP3::Info and MP3::Tag installed.
The exe file is selfcontained (no other stuff required).

Small script to re-encode an existing MP3 file to 128 kbps bitrate. Preserves songname, artist, album, year, track number, genre and comment tags.
Needs tagreader (example program of TagLib), lame and zsh.

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